Confirmed Speakers

Stay tuned for updates as the Congress Program comes into focus!

SOTA Session:

Kidney Transplantation: The borg and beyond

The repair shop: Our current opportunities in improving the quality of kidneys

Sarah Hosgood, United Kingdom

A reality check - kidney organoids: What to expect in the next 10 years

Benjamin Humphreys, United States

AI during evaluation driven Long-term follow up

Olivier Niel, France


SOTA Session:

Expanding the Gift of Life: Optimizing deceased donor allografts

Maximizing utility of the available resource: A scientific perspective

Stefan G. Tullius, United States

Challenges to start a deceased donation program

Susan Gunderson, United States

Accepting deceased donor kidneys: Do Country and Center specific approaches make a difference?

Kate Wyburn, Australia


Workshop Session:

Initiatives for Self-Sufficiency in Organ Transplantation

The US Presidential Initiative on Advancing Kidney Health: What does it mean for organ transplantation and patients with ESRD

Matthew Cooper, United States

DCD Donation: Barriers and challenges of DCD programs worldwide - An update of the Montreal DCD conference, 2020

Francis L. Delmonico, United States

The National Kidney Registry: Is the success of Paired Kidney Exchange applicable around the world?

Nicole Turgeon, United States

SOTA Session:

A Kidney for Life: A goal for all practitioners

A look at the long-term surviving patient: What makes them so exceptional?

Germaine Wong, Australia

Chronic allograft injury: CAN CAN be fixed?

Dirk R.J. Kuypers, Belgium

Anti-body mediated rejection: Consensus on treatment?

Roslyn B. Mannon, United States