Confirmed Speakers

Stay tuned for updates as the Congress Program comes into focus!

SOTA Session:

Technique for Minimizing Complication

Hepatic vein and portal vein: Major in and out

Shin Hwang, Korea

Hepatic artery: Micro-world

Mureo Kasahara, Japan

Bile duct: Achilles heel

Kenneth Siu Ho Chok, Hong Kong


Workshop Session:

Cutting-Edge Issues in Peri-Transplant Management

Management of hepatitis C virus

Paul Kwo, United States

Management of ABO incompatibility

Toru Ikegami, Japan

Management of pre-DSA and LCM positive

Jacqueline O’Leary, United States

SOTA Session:

How to Deal with Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Pre-LT: down-staging and optimal selection

Kim M. Olthoff, United States

Intra-LT: how to improve oncologic outcomes

Elizabeth A. Pomfret, United States

Post-LT: optimal immunosuppression and follow-up

Nancy Kwan Man, Hong Kong

Liver Tx for cholangiocarcinoma

Julie K. Heimbach, United States


SOTA Session:

Minimally Invasive Surgery for LDLT

Small incision donor hepatectomy

Toru Ikegami, Japan

Pure laparoscopic donor hepatectomy

Dieter Clemens Broering, Saudi Arabia

Robotic donor hepatectomy

Dieter Clemens Broering, Saudi Arabia